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Discovery learning methods are for emerging brains, intermediate brains and mature brains. This multimedia series starts with babies building words with sounds and advances to improving high level spelling skills. It uses fun songs, games and other stimulations: visual (puppets, art, animation, actors and games), audio (music and poetry) and tactile and kinetic movement to build muscle memory.

6 Creative Ways the Program helps learners of all ages and skill Levels 

  • Stories from mysterious places use music and games to bring learning alive.

  • Symbols turn abstract sounds and numerals into lively memorable characters. 

  • Sequences build confidence first with “readable words” then expand the challenges.

  • Songs, poems, games, toys and kinetic movement make all learning fun and interactive.

  • Skill training in media, technology and arts help participants anywhere expand materials.

  • Spelling methods build confidence by using real spellings for dictionary phonetic spellings.

What is Different about the Program?

  • Emphasize the sound, three sounds at a time, accumulating - no one has ever done this before and it makes it so easy to read.

  • All learners move at their own speeds.

  • Beginners learn to build words with sounds and read what they build.

  • Advanced levels can use entertaining poems and songs to discover all the tricky spellings English sounds use.

  • A new dictionary created for this series uses simple real spellings to show how to say each sound. This lets people find words by their sounds if they don’t know how to spell them

Why use this Program now?

  • Adult illiteracy. One out of five English-speaking adults in the U.S. and 90% of our prisoners are functionally illiterate. This series lets adults teach themselves reading and spelling skills simultaneously, and helps adolescents and adults learn by helping children learn.

  • This is a creative and fun way that anyone can use to build lasting schools in reading, writing and math.

  • Homeschool Opportunity! While this an opportunity for anyone wishing

  • COVID-19 has created increased challenges for parents and teachers and this programs is a valuable self-directed program to help.

What would it take for a Teacher to use the program?

  • Digital or Print Materials: We will send you the pages, and you (or your teacher) can print the pages and use them with the kids. You can easily order online - in either digital or print formats.

  • Wall charts provide quick reference guides

  • Teacher guides show teachers and/or parents how to use products

  • Supportive one-on-one assistance available (free intro session)



Check back often to stay in the loop! And reach out with any questions.

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The Island of Ing is where we meet the Ingers who can’t read or spell Inglish but they’re great singers. The wizard named Woo brings them fantastic creatures who use songs and games to be fun “Creature Teachers!”

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